Dungeon Fun!


Hey Everyone! Hope you’re all well, I’ve got a new book coming out tomorrow (Wed 20th) let’s look at the cover!


Me and Colin Bell (we used too do Jonbot vs Martha) have been hard at work on this for months and it’s almost time to show it to the world!

I’ve always wanting to do something in the fantasy genre, at school I was constantly doodling pictures of Zelda and Link and basically anything to do with magic, swords, dragons and knights. So anyways around 6 months I started drawing up character designs and really liked the idea of a little girl adventurer so came up with this.


After that I asked Colin if he’d be into writing a story for her, and fortunately he said yes then we started playing around with some ideas and the rest is history! And here’s how the pages look, all full colour!

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 19.11.34

If anyone’s interested you can also read the first 6 pages right here!  Also keep an eye on my shop for when it goes up tomorrow!. We’ve been sending out review copies and here’s what people have been saying.

“I can honestly say that Dungeon Fun is the funniest comic I have ever read.” – Rob Jones, INTER-COMICS

“A fun fantasy adventure for all ages without the spite or world-weary tones of similar work out there” – Nevs Coleman, Bleeding Cool

“…it’s something you can share with the people in your life who don’t mind being silly once in a while. Dungeon Fun really is laugh-out loud and relentless about it.” – Vince Ostrowski, Multiversity Comics

One of “The Beat’s Recommendations For Thought Bubble.” – comicsbeat.com

“…an indie dream-team hitting us with their big guns……like the A-Team emerging from a shed with a cannon that fires vegetables.” – Gary Watson, Comics Anonymous

” A brilliantly upbeat title that deserves to be seen by as many people as possible” – Ceej Neilson, Big Comic Page


That’s all for today, more news soon!





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  1. Alex Mair says:

    After Pirate Fun want Dinosaur Fun, thanks.

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