July Update!

Hello everyone!

I realise I haven’t written a blog post in a good while, so we’ve got a bit of catching up to do. Hang on i’ll put the kettle on..okay well if you insist, yea it’s milk and one.

First and foremost, Dungeon Fun Book Two is now officially out! You can get it in the Etsy shop right HERE. il_570xN.623076904_k752   We’re also doing a deal for people buying books one and two, and that’s here.  I worked super hard on this book so it would be great if you could check it out! The book launched this weekend at Glasgow Comic Con which was a pretty amazing experience.Not only was it fantastic to meet so many comic enthusiasts and Dungeon Fun fans it was also fantastic getting to meet so many other artists and creators and catch up with my comic pals after being a hermit for the past month or so.

The highlight of the weekend though, was the SICBA awards ceremony. Dungeon Fun was up for all awards, best book, cover, artist and writer. 10417707_770014303040791_180861940341617109_n It won all 4, a first in the 5 years of the awards. I can’t describe how incredible this was for me and Colin. To put it in context, I’ve been going to this con for 4 years; the first year me and Colin came as punters and after seeing all these creators and artists we left feeling pretty inspired to make a comic. The second year we came as the creators of Jonbot vs Martha, we were up for 4 awards but sadly left empty handed. The 3rd year I was there with my book The Amateur Astronomer’s Journal but sadly again left empty handed but this year we finally did it!

Although it sounds a bit smug, I am pretty proud of how I’ve came on in the past few years. I really doesn’t feel that long ago I left Glasgow Comic Con in 2011 thinking ‘I’d quite like to make a book too’. And I  know 7 books in 3 years doesn’t sound like a big deal but I genuinely was trying to do my best the whole time. Trying to make each one a little better each time. IMG_2976 Obviously I couldn’t have done this alone, over the years I’ve had an incredible amount of support from my friends and collaborators Colin Bell and Campbell Miller and a massive amount of support from other local creators including John Lees, all the girls of Team Girl Comics, Garry Mac and the guys of the Glasgow League of Writers. I tried to thank all of these people on the night but the words just didn’t come out that way. I was never great at public speaking although saying that I did 2 panels on the last day of the con and I don’t think I made too much of a fool of myself.   Although some of it was live blogged and this popped out. 10468368_10152131029046073_5077373521388985259_n In celebration of Dungeon Fun winning these awards me and Colin have decided to put the first book up online for absolutely nothing, that’s right, free! Right here!  But only for a week :P

Well that’s it for now, again thank you so much for everyone’s support with Dungeon Fun. I’ll be back soon with more news about new things!

Take care,


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  1. Well done Neil! So chuffed for you xxx

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