Let’s draw Eurovision 2015!

Hello! I was doing my best to draw along with Eurovision last night. It’s a bit tricky as the songs are all pretty short but here’s what I managed!




Estonia. I think she was really crying?


U.K, bottom of the pile as per. 4 Armenia, I’m pretty sure I witnessed a cult here.5 Lithuania, these guys were so cute!6 My personal favourite was Serbia.7 Norway singing about monsters or something.8I had a little man crush on this guy from Cyprus.





Australia were even there!22

Belgium.20Austria, his piano was on fire!23Sweden, the winners! I only really remember this little guy.9Classic Eurovision anthem from Greece.10Montenegro11Germany12Poland13Latvia14I’m sure Romania’s lyrics were beautiful.15Hungary16Georgia went full goth. 17Another one of my favs, Azerbaijan.

18Russia who came a close second. 21And finally Italy.24I’m quite pleased with myself that I managed to do so much in such a short space of time. If you enjoyed these I have a short run of prints of some of my favs in my Etsy store!



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