Let’s go to Bordeaux! My new book.

Hello everyone!

I’ve got some exciting news! My third (and probably final) travelogue is not only complete but now out via my etsy shop!  And it looks like so.


‘Let’s go to Bordeaux’ follows on from my two previous travelogues ‘Nine Lines of Metro’ and ‘Seven Days in Berlin’. It’s in the same style of a part diary/journal comic and part travelogue and is filled with equal parts humour, romance and discovery. Also without spoiling too much also rounds off the story which started in ‘Nine Lines of Metro’.

In fact since it’s you here’s a 6-page preview! So far in the story I have met a French girl called Coralie who is showing me round Bordeaux.

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This is only a small except from the book, actually at 48 pages it’s one of the biggest books I’ve made and one of the first that’s needed a spine as opposed to my usual staple in the middle. It’s been a long time coming too, as some of you know I started this well over a year ago and it’s just been a case of doing a few pages here and there between my other projects until it all came together. It’s also the end of a much affair. I started these travelogues by accident back in early 2012, when I was in Barcelona I drew a comic page a day really as an exercise but with the events that happened it made itself into a book and then a three-parter. It’s funny to think how far I’ve come since the first and also how the last book closes a little chapter in my life.

Anyways, I’ll stop babbling. You can buy the book as well as special offer on the first 2 RIGHT HERE. 

The book also had its first review courtesy of The Big Comic Page here. 

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