Lucky Bags!

Good news! After years of hoarding my original art and comic pages I’ve decided it’s time to let them go. Here’s how I’m going to do it, in the form of Lucky Bags!


Okay what’s a Lucky Bag? Each bag will contain comic pages, original illustrations, sketches and other bits and bobs. Of course, the whole point of Lucky Bags is that the contents are random although typically they will contain 3-4 original comic pages, 1-2 original illustrations and some smaller bits and pieces.

Here are the contents of a typical bag.







Contents will vary, as you can see there’s a lot of different stuff going into these.



Bags will be a mere £15 each with FREE UK SHIPPING (!!) and can be bought from my ETSY STORE. I only have a limited amount so best be nippy! All the proceeds will help me in going to TCAF (Toronto Comic Arts Festival) next month.   I’m going to do a short FAQ now, but if you have any other questions please get in touch! (hit the ‘info’ tab for me details.

I would like a specific illustration, can you put that in my bag?

I’m sorry, although I try to include a good amount of originals and comic pages, bags have random contents and I don’t think it would be fair to give anyone special treatment. It would also ruin the surprise!

I live outside the UK, can I get free shipping? 

I’m very sorry, at the moment it’s just not viable although I have tried to be reasonable with my overseas shipping rates.

What’s this TCAF thing? Do you need funding? 

TCAF is a massive comic festival in Toronto I was lucky enough to be invited to. I’ll get to display my work to a completely new audience as well as meet some of my favourite comic artists and creators. More info on their site.

As for money, no I don’t need funding. I know a lot of creators do kick-starters or go fund me’s etc for this kind of thing which is great but it’s not me. I have credit carded the whole trip so I’m sorted although if I can get some money together for spending money/food etc that would be great but don’t feel like you have to.

As most of you know I very rarely part with originals so this is a great chance to snap some up cheap and it also helps me on my little trip.

Thank you!






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