March Update!

Hey everyone, hope you’re all doing good!

I’m going to do my best to try and back get into a regular blogging habit, one post a month shouldn’t be too hard right? :/

So what’ve I been up to? Ah y’know the usual. Comics n that. I had the pleasure of attending Dunfermline Comic Con this month. A Convention in it’s first year, of course you wouldn’t know that because how swell it went and how well it was organised.

I also had the pleasure of designing a limited edition Doctor Who comic cover exclusive to the convention!


I still can’t quite believe I draw Doctor Who covers (sometimes).

My thinking here was a lot to do with Dunfermline’s strong connection with Robert the Bruce who was buried in Dunfermline Abbey. Well his body is, his heart’s in Melrose.

It was also a great day on a more personal level. It was run by the Little Shop of Heroes which is a family run local comic shop in Dunfermline. I’ve known the family for a good while and always love popping into the shop or doing a signing etc when I can. It was so sweet seeing the convention grow from an idea to a fully fledged sold out event. Give us a wave guys!


Also in the past month I made a strip I was pretty happy with. This was for the Sad Ghost Club.


It was a little idea I had floating about and just thought it would totally suit the Sad Ghost Club.  SGC is a small creative group spreading positive awareness of mental health and self care. I’ve been a fan of their artwork and zines for the past 2 years-ish so it was a huge honour to be able to contribute some work. It was also just kind of sweet to be working on something just as a personal project with no time constraints as it gives me a chance to fart about with it.

Also in the news, me and Colin have a strip in the new 12th Doctor Doctor Who comic which is out tomorrow!

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 21.57.26

I’m really happy with how the strip turned out but understandably I can’t really show much more without spoiling it for people :/

Well I think that’s it for this month.

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