November Update!

Hello everyone!

Been a while eh? I thought it would be nice to catch up for a bit, what’s been happening with you?

It’s been a fairly full on month so far for me, mostly due to finishing Dungeon Fun #3 which has been the bulk of my work for the past 3 months and culminated in pulling some nasty shifts as well as an all nighter to finish it in time for Thought Bubble this weekend.

Have a look at the cover!

Dun Fun 3 Lo-res 002

We’ll be debuting the book at Thought Bubble in Leeds this weekend, after which I’ll have copies in my online shop as well as local comics shops in Glasgow.

On that note if anyone’s going to Thought Bubble you can find me and Colin with the help of this handy map!


I also have some more exciting comic related news! Me and Colin have been asked to join the team at the official Doctor Who comic! More specifically, we’ve got a back up strip at the back of the 12th Doctor comic. I can’t show much just now but I can say it’s an absolute pleasure to be  part of something this big and as a Doctor Who fan it’s mega exciting.


Between all this I’ve also been trying really hard to finish my 3rd travelogue, unfortunately it won’t be ready this month but I’m determined to get it finished before Christmas so eyes peeled!

Well that’s all from me for now, thanks for reading!

Take care!


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