To a Haggis.


Hello! Hope you’re well!

As some of you may know I’m Scottish and today is Burns night (an annual celebration of our favourite bard Robert Burns). Some of you may also know that the traditional Burns night dish is haggis!

And for the benefit of those not familiar with haggis I have taken the time to illustrate one for you.



Above is your typical wild mountain haggis. Typically a haggis has 4 feet, 2 are shorter on one side. This is for running up mountains sideways. Haggii are also extremely tasty and because of this are extremely rare so they’re only hunted during the first month of the year and you need a special haggis licence.

Anyways, happy Burns night everyone!




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  1. Jay says:

    I really hope that some of the people who read this don’t know what haggis is and think it’s really an adorable animal with lopsided legs.

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