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Hey everyone! Hope you’re all well!

For the past 10 days I’ve been kicking it in Toronto. I was fortunate enough to exhibit my comics at the amazing TCAF! (Toronto comic art festival).


Without going on too much, this was an incredibly big deal for me. A lot of my favourite comic artists that got me into creating happen to be Canadian so going to Canada was almost like a big pilgrimage for me and getting a place at TCAF was even sweeter. I even got to meet some of those inspiring artists!


I somehow also managed to get selfie with Lynda Barry after meeting Seth, Jill Tamaki and Adrian Tomine. This was at the Drawn and Quarterly event on the night before the con.


Lynda is a really inspiring lady, and also a fantastic speaker. I’ve always loved listening along to her talks while I draw and it was great to see she’s just as eccentric and friendly in person.

The convention itself was pretty incredible. It was mainly held in the huge Toronto Reference Library and it was absolutely mobbed.


I also had the pleasure of being on a panel about international comics talking about Scottish comics, the Glasgow comic scene and conventions in the UK.


Throughout the rest of the con I had the pleasure of meeting some of my favourite artists and just about sold out of the books I took. So all round a success!

For the rest of my time in Toronto I did a lot of exploring (and a ton of eating). I still can’t quite get my head around how immensely big the city is, at times it was a little overwhelming but I’m glad I got to see even a little bit of it.


I took this photo from the top the CN tower which for over three decades was the tallest tower in the world. The view from the top was absolutely incredible, there was also a glass floor which honestly made me feel pretty sick. I’m usually okay with heights but something just felt so wrong about stepping on that glass.


Of course, a trip to Toronto would’t be complete without drive down to Niagara to see the world famous falls.


A phone photo just doesn’t do justice to how epic it was to be there. I also was totally unprepared for being blown across the boat by so much water, and we weren’t even that close. When I say ‘we’ I was there with Coralie and good pals Chris and MacKenzie.


And that’s really it! The rest of the holiday was really just me eating loads of rubbish and wandering around museums etc.

Oh yea I also bought a ton of sweet books.


Maybe once the next Dungeon Fun book’s finished I might make a little travelogue about my trip, we’ll see.

Anyway, thanks for reading!


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