We Need to Talk about Bookmarks.

Books eh?

Books are brilliant. They can take you around the world, show you things you’ve never seen before, introduce you to the most interesting people and all without leaving a chair.

I bloody love books, in fact, here’s me getting right stuck into one.

But do you know what’s rubbish? Losing your page! Gah! You have to go back and probably re-read stuff and oh my it’s a hassle. I guess that’s why we have bookmarks.

Now some people use things like train tickets and business cards or bits of paper but these in my opinion are insufficient in their role as a book mark.

So when Pushpin Zines asked me to design a book mark for them I was more than happy and I popped this out.

It’s inspired by all the things that go through your head when you’re reading a book, it’s up for sale for £1 and you can get it here. You can also get some of my books on the site too!

Happy reading!


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2 Responses to “We Need to Talk about Bookmarks.”

  1. nulsh says:

    Real nice bud. Like it.
    For some reason I cannae stop thinking about Mr Ben!
    Guessin’ you’ll be too young to remember Mr Ben?

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